We always get a huge paws up for our services. But don't just take our word for it - see what some of our happy clients have to bark about!

I cannot give higher praises to Carla and the amazing job she does with the animals - in my case kitties.  She is my kitty sitter for life!
She is diligent, friendly, loving, and trustworthy.  Do not hesitate to book with her for your next outing.
... She's watched over my kitties, twice now.  This past time for a week.  I think my kitties love her more than me! LOL!

Pam A.
These are the most emphatic five stars I have ever left on Yelp.

After fifteen years of entrusting my cats with a sitter, Carla is by far the most trustworthy, responsive and all around lovely person I have found. I contacted Carla last minute and she rearranged her schedule in order to fit my needs. She took wonderful care of my old girl, who is in faltering health and just had been moved from SF to LA. I was so nervous to leave for a week, but Carla sent daily updates with pictures and videos. 

I cannot recommend Carla enough. She is wonderful.

Casey C.
After my husband's knee surgery, we were in desperate need of a dog walker for Toby, our sweet but willful Basenji. Carla and Cybele were everything we could ask for and more. They responded quickly and efficiently to our call, came out and met with us, were extremely pleasant, reasonable and easy to deal with.

But the best part was the actual walks. Every morning Cybele showed up right on time  and took Toby for a brisk, engaging 45 minute  walk, bringing him home tired and content. Toby got a really good daily work out, which is exactly what we wanted for him. 

Unlike our previous dog walkers, there was no problem with minutes being shaved off the walk and Paws Up's fee for a 45 minute walk was only a dollar or two more than the previous walkers had charged for half an hour.

In short, we were delighted with Paws Up, and would use them again.

Lou R.
I came across Carla's company and well designed website on yelp, and boy are we glad we did!  As many (if not all) of the reviewers on yelp have also stated, Carla is the best!  She did a wonderful first time job for us watching our cat Tatine for us while away on an extended weekend.  Most appreciated were her communication skills....superb!!!  We never had to wonder if she had visted, and she gave us regular, daily updates-including a text photo of Tatine! :)  I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND her services and will definitely use her again!!!

Tony R.
Carla was amazing!!!!! My boyfriend and I recently went on a 2 week road trip, which meant we had to leave or 2 kitties and a turtle home to fend for themselves, and we could NOT be more happy by our choice to leave them in the care of Carla. We got e-mail updates on every visit, which was every other day, and got photos of all three having a good time on each update. Carla was absolutely amazing and even went out of her way to pick up litter for the kitties when we ran out just a few days before our return. When we arrived our apartment looked even better than when we had left it.

I cannot wait to go on vacation again knowing that our babies are so well taken care of and I would gladly refer Carla to everyone and anyone looking for a pet sitter while away.

Charlotte R.
Dependable, flexible and good with our cat, Steve, Carla was a wonderful pet sitter for us while we were away. She sent me daily text updates (with photos of Steve), which reassured me all was well at home. She was willing to work with our wet-food feeder, which can be a real pain to operate, and never made me concerned about it being too much of a hassle for her. In addition to feeding and playing with Steve, she also watered our garden and brought in the mail, which helped us tremendously. I have already recommended her to friends and hope they take me up on my suggestion, as I hope you will, too. I was very happy to work with Carla and will call her again the next time we need someone to check on our little guy.

Ami B.
I cannot thank Carla enough for her services. Carla has been walking our Chow Chow puppy, Cody, for the past three months, and she has been amazing! She has been very flexible and accommodating with our work schedules. Also, she has been very patient with our puppy, as he can be very territorial and protective of our home when anyone enters our place.  We absolutely love and trust Carla with our dog in our home. The best part of it is that I get so excited to receive a text message and photo of our fluffy Cody after each walk from Carla! Thanks Carla for taking such great care of Cody!

Bridget R.
Paws Up LA, more like Paws Up Hooray! Carla is a wonderful friend for my rambunctious cockapoo, Cody. She comes over everyday for afternoon strolls and keeps me up to date on Cody's moods and activities. We adopted him a few months ago and were worried about leaving him at home all day during the work week. Carla has been a great help in providing Cody with much needed mid-day attention. She has been very easy to work with and is understanding and accomodating to our busy schedule. Can't say enough good things, really love the photos that we get every week and the love she brings to our pup.

Jessica C.
It has been almost a year since my last review during which time we lost our former dog, and avid Paws Up La client, Coco.  Carla was so incredibly kind and comforting though our loss.  She provided us with support and beautiful photographs we continue to cherish. Fast forward several months, when were ready to adopt and there was no question that we would seek Carla and Paws Up out again with our new pup, Linus.  A new roster of  particularities, quirks and training goals have come to the fore, and Carla has, again, managed to go above and beyond.  Her professionalism, patience, kindness and skill are superior.  Beyond that, we trust Carla and Paws Up with our beloved pup implicitly because we know she really cares.

Carla watched my 3 babies, (felines), Chloe, Cubbie, and Kailey last week while I was out of town.  She did a marvelous job!  We have found our pet sitter for a long, long time.  We are more grateful than you can imagine to have found Carla.  She is reliable, trustworthy, and very loving with animals.  She puts her heart into it each day she comes to your home!  Thank you Carla.

Marie R.
Carla is spectacular.  My two cats, Buddy & Lola, are incredibly shy and pretty much only socialize with me.  This makes leaving them home alone for long periods of time that much more worrisome - sure they'll eat and drink water but what about pets and rubs and cuddles!?!?  Found Carla & Paws Up when work was going to take me out of the country for 5 weeks.  Not only did Carla's regular updates and photos put me at ease but in a short time, Buddy stopped hiding when she came over.  By the end he was letting her pet him which is pretty much a miracle.  It's had lasting effects too as Buddy is more social with new people.  (Lola is still shy but even she now makes appearances when I have company.)

Carla is loving and responsible, exactly what you want in a pet sitter.  She clearly spent time getting to know my cats and their quirks.  She treated Buddy and Lola like they were hers which, when I was thousands of miles away, was a huge relief.

I'll hire her again and again and will refer her to anyone who's looking.  You won't be disappointed.

Erin O.
We are so lucky and blessed to have Carla help with our dogs. Our dogs are well taken care of and we never have to worry as long as we know Carla will be with our "kids". No questions asked, I would not hesitate for a minute to refer Carla to anyone who needs her services. Her love for animals is evident. Thank You Carla!!

Sue G.
Carla is absolutely wonderful.  She's very kind and caring.  Our three dogs love her.  My husband and I are so grateful to have found Carla.  It's such a relief to have someone we can rely on to take such wonderful care of our precious dogs...we feel very confident that our dogs are safe and happy with her.

Heidi M.
Carla is heaven sent! I had to go back to a corporate job after havig worked from home for several years. I needed a good dog walker for my baby Bella who is a very picky dog. When I first met her, she completely put me at ease. She is a very calm, sweet person, and I instantly knew she was tuststworthy and loves animals. Sure enough I was right, my dog is relaxed and calm when I get home and I love getting picture updates throughout the week. She really cares about the animals she takes care of and I am so lucky I found her! Thank you Carla!

Corina J.
Carla is great. Completely professional, but also flexible - which is so helpful! - and super friendly both to me and to my pooch.  She also takes great photos, which always light up my day!

Fabienne B.
I've had a perfect experience with Carla/Paws Up LA so far!  I have a new puppy named Alice that Carla has been walking during the day for the past few months while I am at work. She is very professional and always works well with my schedule, and she somehow manages to get way better pictures of Alice than I do! which she sends with regular updates about how their visits are going and what progress she is making.  The prices are very good too, competitive with or better than anyone else I've looked at in the area.  Can't recommend Paws Up LA enough!

Brett A.
I'm so glad to have found Carla, after having gone through a series of cat-sitters who gave up their businesses or moved away! Carla is great with my two girls, even though they're really shy around strangers. I always get text updates during her visits, including photos! I travel fairly regularly these days, and Carla is always able to watch the girls on short notice. And when I get back, the girls always look happy and relaxed, so I know they've been well taken care of and I never have to worry about them while I'm away. I'd recommend Carla in a heartbeat, and I always do if local friends are looking for a great sitter.

Eric R.
Carla has been a wonderful addition to my Sophie's life. I needed someone to walk my dog during my work day and Carla does just that. I love that she sends me regular pictures and updates on my little one. They definitely brighten my work day.

NaTasha W.
Paws up LA is fantastic! I am so thankful I found Carla to rescue my dog on my long work days. She doesn't just take Jacques out, she takes him on long walks to the park and always sends a picture update. I definitely trust Carla with my precious pup. 

Thanks Paws Up!

Nicole I.
We've been using Paws UP LA now for several months.  Carla does an amazing job with our dog Oreo!  She's always so reliable and so great to deal with.  From day 1 our dog felt so comfortable with Carla just as we did.  I would recommend her for anyone looking for a responsible, reliable, caring and reasonable priced service!  We LOVE Paws Up LA!  Thanks Carla!

John S.
Carla is great - very reliable and flexible with scheduling. Would highly recommend.

Sophie T.
We are so happy that we've found Carla/Paws Up L.A. to look after our three cats when we are away. Carla has looked after the cats for us over two different trips, and both times it was a great relief to know that she was taking such good care of them.

We have been impressed with Carla's professionalism, conscientiousness, and personal warmth from our very first contact with her. When she comes to care for the cats, she doesn't only take care of the tasks of feeding them, playing with them for a little while, and so forth, but she also pays close attention to how much and how fast they are eating each visit, how they seem to be doing emotionally, how affectionate they are, and so forth. I really appreciate that she, like us, is concerned that the cats are actually happy and comfortable while she looks after them. One of our cats is extremely skittish, but she has been patient enough with him to be one of the very few individuals who have ever earned his trust. Her observations and feedback on how they were eating helped me fine-tune the amount of food to give them on her visits. And she sent daily updates and pics of each cat so that we always knew how they were doing.

Our cats were totally relaxed when we got home from both of our trips, and that can only mean that they were very well cared for.  We're going to continue to use Carla whenever we need someone to look after the cats, and we'll enthusiastically recommend her to anyone else we know with pets.

Zack F.
We couldn't ask for a more reliable, professional, and perfect sitter for our 3 dogs.  Carla has watched our pups on 2 different occasions, and we couldn't have been happier and more at ease with her.  She sent us daily text pictures/updates, and she bailed us out when our flight was delayed.  We felt comfortable with her the moment we met her, and our pups (one which is shy) took to her immediately.  I couldn't recommend her more!!

Jennifer M.
I feel incredibly lucky to have found Carla. She's watched our cats twice now and each time the care has been impeccable. She keeps me constantly in the loop and has genuine care for the cats. Our one cat requires medication and she has handled that expertly. She loves them and plays with them and sends me pictures via text daily! I trust her implicitly and she will be my only choice every time we leave town. She even stacks up our mail for us!! :)

Kristen M.
Carla is AWESOME!! She was referred to me by a coworker, who was delighted by how well she cared for his cat while he was away.

I am so glad I found her-- she is very reliable and flexible with scheduling, and I come home to a happy puppy every time I've left her in Paws Up/Carla's care.

Carla is amazing. I am so happy to have found her, and now going out of town and leaving my cats behind will be stress free. FINALLY. Carla sent me text updates everyday, usually with cute pictures of my cats. It made me feel so good to know someone responsible and caring is looking after my pets. She is now my go to pet sitter. So happy I found her.

Teri F.
Carla was referred to me by a great friend who met her volunteering at a dog rescue in the valley. Already a good feeling about her. She came to our home to meet our pup and they hit it off immediately. Nikola is relaxed and happy when we get home. Along with us being happy and relaxed because we know that he is being spoiled by Carla two days a week. The pricing is very good. Carla is taking care of our loved ones and she as well is doing what she loves so it's a win win situation! We highly recommend any service that Paws Up L.A. provides. So what are you waiting for? Call her.

Leslie G.
Carla is the absolute best in the business. We've used her on 2 separate occasions, and both times she's done a terrific job being a caretaker and friend to our 2 cats. Where else are you gonna find a pet sitter who texts you pictures of your animals safe, happy, and worn out from being loved on and played with throughout your vacation? And is there anything more comforting to a devoted animal owner than that kind of consideration? We recommend her services without reservation -- trustworthy and qualified to the extreme.

Carla is the perfect pet sitter. (I hesitate writing a review for fear of her getting too busy to take care of my kitties!).  She is detail oriented and took great care of our two kittens when we were on vacation.  When we came back, the kitties were super happy and in a great mood. I love the updates that she sends while we are away, really gives us a peace of mind.  We trust her with our house as well, it was in the exact shape as we left it.

Sandy K.
Both paws up for Paws Up LA!! Carla is a gem. My rescue girl loves Carla!! Carla really takes the time getting to know your pet and she is always available to talk if you have any questions or concerns. Being a new doggie mom was hard enough, but Carla got me through the roughest part and my girl looks forward to her walks everyday!!! Thank YOU Carla!! XO - Sadie and Jess

Carla is a dream.  Our 16 YO Cocker Spaniel has terrible anxiety when we go on vacation, but she managed to bond with him right off and took excellent care of him. The super shy cat even came out to visit with her, too. I cannot recommend Carla strongly enough.  I am THRILLED we found her.


We are so grateful for Carla at Paws Up LA!  When we moved to Echo Park, we needed a daily walking service for our sweet, old Chocolate lab mix stat.  After meeting with Carla, we knew the search was over.  She embraced the particularities of our extra special dog, who has canine epilepsy, with the utmost degree of professionalism, and did not bat an eyelash as I described her needs- sensitive to heat, shy with other dogs, prone to eating many strange things, etc. Daily check-ins about your pet will put you at ease when you know you can't be there. What a relief. If you seek a highly professional, sensitive, and kind caregiver for your pet look no further.


Carla did a fantastic job caring for our two cats & aquarium while we were out of town recently! She sent text updates with photos that included action shots of the kitties playing and even one of the fish. She also notified us of an ant invasion in one of the cat's eating areas and took the time to move his food & water and put a stop to the ants. When we got home, my 16 year old cat was more happy & playful than I've seen him in a long time, so I know he had a lot of fun and that they got tons of attention!

Brooke W.

It's a huge relief to know that Nora is in good hands whenever we are out of town. Carla's experience caring for cats is a big plus. Sure, we miss Nora when we travel, but we are able to enjoy ourselves just knowing that everything is going to be fine when we get home. Daily fresh food, water and litter is key to keeping Nora happy, and Nora loves spending time with Carla. It's also great to know that our newspaper and mail are brought inside every day so the house doesn't look abandoned. Paws Up is always available, and we trust Carla implicitly with our most prized possession! Carla is the BEST!!!

Joey V.

I feel so lucky to have found Carla at Paws Up! I travel frequently with work and it's nearly impossible to find someone to watch my dog as she is very timid and scared of strangers. She took to Carla instantly and felt right at home with her! I couldn't believe it!

Carla updates me while I am away and even sends me pictures. She is a wonderful caregiver who is passionate about her work. She is exceptionally patient and has a calming energy that really resonates with animals. I trust her completely and I know my dog does too. She can't wait to see her 'Auntie Carla' again!

Sabrina P.

Paws Up LA is fantastic -- top-notch pet care! Carla is incredibly caring and responsible, which gives me peace of mind whenever I need to head out of town. And most importantly, Nora loves spending time with Carla. It's worth every penny to come home to a happy, healthy kitty. I've recommended Paws Up LA to many friends -- Carla's a real find.

Scott M.

Harvey always enjoys a walk. He especially looks forward to taking a walk with Carla from Paws Up. Harvey knows when he's getting picked up to go on a stroll and he can barely contain his excitement. It's so fun to watch him pacing at the door, tail wagging in anticipation.

There is also a feeling of satisfaction knowing that Harvey is in such goods hands.

Cybele S.

Paws Up LA/Carla is the most responsible, conscientious and loving pet care service around without a doubt!

Knowing that Carla will come to take care of my animals gives me a great sense of peace and calm while I am out of town/at work etc. Her care and concern is just as involved and genuine as my own would be. It's rare when you can confidently walk away with your fur babies in the hands of another and not feel guilty. Carla is extremely in tuned with animals and is very gentle and kind towards them. There is no one like her. Paws Up is not just a business, caring for the well being of animals is her passion.

Paws Up is an LA treasure find!

Elana S.

We had just moved back to LA with our cat Opal, and had to leave town. Carla and Paws Up saved our lives by attending to Opal, who was in new strange home, with total care and love!

Tommy M.

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